Our Dogs

The CAHW dogs are located in the main facility on the lower floor, as well as the lower dog facility outside of the main house. Please stop by and visit with us!
  1. Adora - In Foster (Medical)
    I am currently in medical foster because I have Cushings Disease. I will need daily medication but I get along with other dogs. Can you find it in your heart to adopt me? ❤️
  2. Athena 2 year old Terrier mix
    Hi, I'm Athena. I was surrendered to the shelter because my owner's lifestyle changed. I was happy to be adopted recently but was returned because I play too rough with kids. I don't have a mean bone in my body I just get really excited when I am happy. I am good with other dogs.
  3. Bandit 3 yr old Beagle
    I'm Bandit. I came to the shelter shortly after my brother Dozer was relinquished. I am a sweet dog who gets along with everyone. Please come see me.
  4. Bernie 6 yr old Schnoodle
    Bernie here. I was brought in with Byron and Becky when our home life was no longer suitable. I do well with dogs and cats. I am just hoping for a nice home to call my own.
  5. Bo 7 yr old Greyhound Mix
    I was relinquished to the shelter covered in fleas with overgrown nails and a fever. I lived in a house for a year without stepping outside. I need a family that will be patient, understanding and help me calm my fears. I am desperate for love but unsure how that feels.
  6. Bronx 7 yr. Amer. Bulldog Terrier Mix
    My caramel coloring shines in the sunshine and so does my heart when I get the love I so deserve. I was in a home of my own for almost 8 months and then my owner took ill and had to surrender me. Come meet me and let's fall in love.
  7. Buddy 8 yr old Shetland mix
    I'm buddy. My time was up at another shelter. I should warn you that I am sweet, loving and a joy to be around but I have a few serious medical issues. I have an enlarged heart, murmurs and skin issues. I would do best in a low traffic home where I could be your loyal lap dog.
  8. Byron 6 yr old Bichon Frise Mix
    I'm Byron and I was brought in with Becky and Bernie when our home life was no longer suitable. I do well with dogs and cats. I'm glad the staff cares for me but I really want a home of my own.
  9. Carmella 4 yr old Lab mix-In Foster
    Who's ready to play? I'm Carmella, I have so much energy that some times I like to leave the yard and explore. I'm a good girl but I need an active family with a tall fence. I get sad when left alone. I am currently in foster, but am patiently waiting for the right forever home. Call the Center to arrange to meet with me.
  10. Chesapeake-In Foster
    I'm a good dog and am here temporarily because my loving owner passed away. I miss my owner but would love a new friend like you. I like other dogs and like to be out and about!
  11. Chunk 6 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
    I was found as a stray in Easton. I came in looking pretty bad with some skin issues. I am healing nicely and am quickly becoming a staff favorite. I am sweet, loving and like other dogs.
  12. Clark 1.5 year Old Australian Shepherd
    Hi, I'm Clark. I was here once before but unfortunately my owners were so excited to have me they didn't follow staff's recommendations. I am timid and it takes awhile to warm up. Once I do, it's great. When you take me home, we must bond before you introduce me to others.
  13. Davis 7 year old Bluetick Coonhound- In Foster to Adopt
    Davis here. Let me honest. I'm a stubborn fella that can be not so nice some times. I am a typical hound and need an owner with patience and experience. The staff doesn't have these issues here, it's just when I go home. Maybe you and I are a good fit?
  14. Dozer 6 yr old Beagle mix
    Hi there, I'm Dozer. I am a sweet boy who is scared to be here. I grew up my whole life with the same family and when they moved they didn't take me with. Please don't make me stay here any longer, it's making me very sad and stressed.
  15. Dutch- 7 Yr old Terrier Mix-In Foster
    I am currently in a medical foster due to a cancerous mass that I had removed. I have allergies and would need a special diet. I am doing well and would do best in a home with no other dogs or kids. I am ok with cats.
  16. Emma 2 year old Collie
    Hi, I'm Emma. I was dropped off at the shelter because my owner's didn't think I did well with her grandkids. It's not that I don't like kids, I just need them to understand how to treat a dog. I am sweet and friendly. I like to play rough with other dogs.
  17. Foxy 7 yr old Pomeranian in foster to adopt
    Foxy here. I am fun, outgoing and love other dogs. I am a sweetheart who has a lot of love to give. I was found as a stray in Bethlehem but no one came to get me. I know I will find a home in no time.
  18. Gunther 1 yr old Lab mix
    I'm Gunther and I'm as sweet as they come. I am playful and know basic commands. I have a hard time when left alone so my ideal family would be home most of the time. I like other dogs.
  19. Hazy 2 yr old Terrier Mix
    My owners had a change in their lifestyle and decided I didn't fit in. I'm a loyal, dedicated and loving dog who would fit right in with your family, just give me a chance. I am unhappy being here and don't show well in the kennel. Please ask to meet me.
  20. Hero 3 yr old Terrier mix
    I traveled 14 hours to get here because my time was up at a shelter in Tennessee. I am a great dog. I love other dogs and would do best with a family that loves to play.
  21. Jackson - 4 yr. Hound Terrier Mix
    I was brought here when my owners moved. I really don't like being here and find it hard to trust people. When I do, my heart is yours for the taking. I am loyal and love to cuddle. I will require multiple visits. I have lived with other dogs. I would do best in a home without small children.
  22. Kahuna - Foster to Adopt Home
    If there's one thing I know, I'm not a city boy. I like the country, the quiet, the chance to run. I am a helper dog to others but prefer to be the only pet in your life. Please come meet me!
  23. Kanika 8 yr old Terrier Mix
    Got kids? Then I am your girl. I am Kanika and I love playing with children of all ages. I am not a fan of other dogs or cats so I would do best as your one and only. Please come by to see me.
  24. Lewis 2 yr old American Bulldog Mix
    Hey there, I'm Lewis. I am an energetic and curious pup who unfortunately doesn't show well in my kennel. I am trying to get someone's attention in the hopes they will take me home. I am very interested in other dogs but I don't always act appropriately. A dog meet with your dog is a must.
  25. Lola 2 yr old Siberian Husky mix
    I was found as a stray in Easton. My owners were found but they never came to get me. I'm a sweet girl and am feeling confused as to why my family doesn't want me. I get along with other dogs and know basic commands.
  26. Luna 2 yr old Chihuahua/Pekingese mix
    My time was up at another shelter. I came in with Peluche and Peaches. I can be shy and sometimes I bark when I am scared. I like being around other dogs but not in a kennel.
  27. Maggie 3 year old Terrier Mix
    I was left in an abandoned home for 8 months. A good Samaritan brought me in so I can have a better life. I am scared right now but I am sweet and seem to be good with other dogs.
  28. Marjorie -11Yr old lab/shepherd mix In Foster (Medical)
    I am a good girl waiting for my forever home. Right now I'm with my foster mom - I have some health issues , including vision loss. A home with no steps would be best for me. I'm loving and ready to go home with you!
  29. Mateo 4 year old Terrier Mix
    I was brought in when I was found wandering in a park. I am easy going, sweet and friendly. I am excellent when walking on a leash.
  30. Munchkin-2 Yr old Terrier/Basset Hound
    My face tells you I am a Terrier, but my legs are short like a Basset Hound. I have a unique look and a lot of love to give. I would do best in a home with no cats and kids over the age of 10. I need work on my manners around other dogs.
  31. Onyx - Terrier Mix in Foster
    I am currently in medical foster as I am extremely fearful and not handling being at the shelter very well. I need an experienced and patient adopter and will require multiple visits.
  32. Peaches 2 year old Pekingese/Pomeranian mix- In Foster
    My time was up at another shelter. I am currently in foster because I am going to be a mom soon. I will be available for adoption once my babies have been weaned.
  33. Peluche 5 Yr old Pekingese/Pomeranian mix
    I came in with Peaches and Luna. Our time was up at another shelter. I can be shy and standoffish. I am people selective and would do best in a quiet home without kids.
  34. Porter 5 yr M German Shepherd
    My time was up at a Kill shelter. I received very little training as a puppy and lack proper manners including leash handling. I am very intelligent and eager to learn. I am under socialized with other dogs. I will need an experienced shepherd owner to help me be the dog I know I can be.
  35. Precious- 3Yr Old Terrier Mix
    I was brought in as a stray from Easton. I am very smart. I know all basic commands and love to give paw in exchange for a treat. I am dog selective so a meeting with your pup would be a must.
  36. Red- 8 yr old Coonhound
    Hi, I'm Red. I'm totally bummed that I have been adopted and returned to the shelter multiple times. Unfortunately, when I get a new home I display behaviors that make my owners nervous. It's weird because I NEVER do it at the shelter. I'm looking for a family that has experience with hounds.
  37. Rex- 3 yr. old Terrier Mix
    Scared and Sad and here because of lack of time to share with me. I am a happy and full of energy looking for love & attention. I need someone who has time to spend with me. Being in the kennel scares me and I love quiet as it make me feel safe so I am in isolation. My training is coming along nicely.
  38. Samson 11 mo old Lab/Terrier mix
    My time was up at another shelter. I am a sweet young man who loves attention. I am blind in my right eye but that doesn't slow me down. I would do best in a home with an active family.
  39. Snausage 8 Yr old Terrier
    I was found in the rain, wandering around the Home Depot parking lot and brought to the shelter. Despite my circumstances, I am a happy boy and love getting attention. I am an older guy but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play.
  40. Sophie 2016 5 yr. F Chihuahua In Foster
    One year to the day after being adopted, I was returned because my owner took sick. I am a lap dog and very sweet looking for a new lap to call my own. Please stop in and meet me and maybe this time I can stay for a while?!